Cocktails and Crystals

With a theme like that who could resist?

Ladies from all across Central Glamorgan met for a weekend of fun and learning at Broneirion. As our county commissioner was unwell, Sara, Emily Jo and Cazza’s corgi were there to look after us and introduce us to out trainers from over the sea- Northern Ireland.We ate well on Friday evening and took part in activities to remind us of the five essentials which involved cake so went down very well. After a good nights sleep, we took part in sectional training and we all agreed that we could take something new back to our girls. We had a sneak peak at what was to come with the new programme. We then glammed up for the evening and had a taste of cocktails and mocktails and earned our crystals in team activities which included pealing a potato as quickly as possible before pinning the skin back on the potato!Sunday we found out about the Senior Section and how to look after our future leaders. After lunch we said our goodbyes and thanked Sara and Emily Jo for a wonderful job and our trainers from Northern Ireland for coming. As for Cazza’s corgi – well she managed to get everywhere over the weekend including eating cake and drinking cocktails!Looking forward to the next county weekend – perhaps our Girlguiding sisters in Northern Ireland will host us?

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